Compiler Design

Project: Wyvern Compiler


This project must be developed in teams of up to three members.

Using C#, you must implement the different compiler phases for the Wyvern programming language exactly as described in the provided specification.

Due Dates

Phase Date Description Buttercup Exemplar
1 13-Feb-2019 Lexical analysis buttercup-0.1.tgz
2 20-Mar-2019 Syntactic analysis buttercup-0.2.tgz
3 03-Apr-2019 AST construction buttercup-0.3.tgz
4 26-Apr-2019 Semantic analysis buttercup-0.4.tgz
5 15-May-2019 CIL code generation buttercup-0.5.tgz


Create a compressed tarball file called wyvern_phase5.tgz containing all your project files. Make sure every source file has a comment at the top with the authors’ personal information (student ID and name).

Upload Instructions

To deliver the wyvern_phase5.tgz file, please provide the following information:

Request PIN

Only one team member needs to upload the file.

The project phases will be assessed during class on the corresponding due dates.