Compiler Design

Game Rules

Students must observe at all time the institution’s policies and regulations.
The roll will be called during each class session, but class attendance does not condition in any way the stundent’s right to a final evaluation and/or grade. However, for those activities that are carried out during class sessions (weekly quizzes, for example) the rule of “sin carries its own punishment” will be applied. This means that a student will get a grade of zero in any activity not carried out due to a missed class.
Students arriving five minutes after the start of the class will not be allowed in the classroom.
Academic Integrity
Any type of fraud or cheating in any course activity will be punished in accordance to the institution's regulations.
Weekly Quizzes
There will be a weekly quiz on Mondays. All the material covered in class during the previous week, plus additional reading/audio/video material (see the Quiz/Exam Calender), will be part of these quizzes.
Passion for Reading
For this course you’ll be required to read the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams (check the Bibliography and Quiz/Exam Calender for details). This activity is part of the Institution’s program Passion for Reading.
Regularization Exam
There is no regularization exam (also known as a last-course exam) for the Compiler Design course. This in in accordance to article 5.11 of the Regulations for Undergraduate Students (prior to 2019 Study Plans) which states that: “the academic departments can determine courses, such as laboratories, workshops, clinics, projects or seminars, for which there can be no regularization exam. This information will be communicated to the students in writing at the start of the course”.